Data Transfer Objects

This auth-dto library defines POJOs that you can be use for the Samply.Auth REST interface. The Samply.Auth identity provider is an OAuth2 implementation that extends the OAuth2 specification by Samply specific requirements, see RFC 6749.

Also this library offers JWT classes that can be used to verify signed access tokens, ID tokens or refresh tokens. There are three ways to get an access token. It depends on the applications use case which way should be used, see the getting started documentation for more information on this subject.


There are several classes, that ease the use of JWT in your java application. Each class offers besides methods for validation, methods to access the JWT specific

  • JWTAccessToken: The implementation of the JWT access token
  • JWTIDToken: The implementation of the JWT ID token
  • JWTRefreshToken: The implementation of the JWT refresh token

Data Transfer Objects

Besides the JWT implementations this library offers data transfer objects, that you can use for the REST interface:

  • AccessTokenDTO (result) and AccessTokenRequestDTO (request) for the /token resource
  • RegistrationDTO (result) and RegistrationRequestDTO (request) for the /registration resource
  • SignRequestDTO (result) and KeyIdentificationDTO (request) for the /sign_request resource

and so on.


Use maven to build the jar:

mvn clean package

Use it as a dependency: